See what some clients are saying about my services.

Very greatfull for Adriel. I had a few readings with him and he was able to guide me to the right direction in love, as well as my career. He perform a few spells for me with great results.
— Michelle T.
Adriel helped me in many situations: He made me a mojo bag for protection. He told me were to buy good spiritual supplies. His work has helped HEAT UP my relationship with my girlfriend. I truly grateful for his work. Highly Recommended!
— Andrew D
Since the Honey Jar was made, I slept over his house almost every day and our relationship has never been better!
— Wanda C.
Adriel preformed a few spells for me and I have see great results with his services. He has also helped me with my stress. through reiki.
— James W.
I had a great reading with Adriel. He was very honest, and sincere. He didn’t just tell me want I wanted to hear, he told me what the cards were telling him.
— Rina H
Adriel did a reiki treatment for me. I was depressed and low on energy. With a few treatments I was feeling so much better and my energy feels brand new.
— Amy S.