30 minutes - $60
1 hour - $110
Written Emailed Reading - $40
[Includes scans of your cards and a detailed explanation of your spread.]

With the internet ushering in clients from all over the world, I do most of my tarot readings through email to avoid the hassle of trying to plan appointments around global time zones. Email readings consit of 4 cards that revolve around your question. Most of the readings and consultations that I conduct are "Written Emailed Readings", which makes scheduling effortless and simple, while also allowing clients to have a tangable copy of the reading so they can go over it during their spare time.This style seems to be more approving to my clients and helps overcome long-distance charges, scheduling between diffrent time zones, and allows for a secure and easy communication But if you would like a phone reading please email me to check my schedule to make an appointment.
An emailed reading I can have ready for you in 72 business hours.

Photos for psychometric evaluations are very important, so please provide pictures of those involved before your reading.