My name is Adriel. I'm a Rootworker, Psychic Reader and Reiki Healer that promises you confidential spiritual services pertaining to your need for assistance in matters of love, money, luck, healing, removal of obstacles, uncrossing, protection, and spiritual growth. I am a graduate of the  Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork course. Operating out of Los Angeles, California but offering services nationwide and abroad! Readings and spell consultations are available over the phone and through email.


Divination on behalf of clients and Psychic Reading services by a compassionate  Rootworker. I can help you identify astrological problems, I can also help you decide if rootwork and spell-casting will actually be of benefit to you in difficult cases of reconciliation, obstacles and blockages in your way or bad luck. Get a spell consultation before you partake in spell casting, to assess the probability of success and help identify core issues to the problem. 

Tarot Readings and Consultations 

I personally create unique spells that specifically address your situation. All of the spells I do for you we will discuss during a spell consultation and I always recommend we perform a tarot reading before as divination most certainly always leads me in the right direction in regards to what spell is best for you! After discussing your situation and consulting the cards I can then make the best recommendation in terms of spell work. There are many "families" of spells and I will pick the best route and then adjust it to your specific desires.

Spellcasting and Rootwork →

 Reiki is a form of a Eastern energy healing practice. The gentle and effective use of Reiki can heal on all levels of the body. Spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I will also use crystals to send healing engery to you. Also known as "Crystal Healing", and "Angel Therapy" to call forth the Archangels to heal and comfort. Another effective way to help heal your mind, body, and soul.