My specialty above all others is love and passion spells. They are the spells I have performed most often for clients with great success. Love and Passion spells take an intense degree of energy and concentration. My own natal chart with Mars (planet ruling instinctual desire) in passionate Aries makes me more than naturally adept at being attracted to and very much enjoying working in the realm of love. I believe strongly in rootwork's power to bring you the love you desire, reconcile you with the one you lost, and make a sexier and more attractive person! Allow me to help you in this area I most enjoy in conjure! Hoodoo approach to love and passion spells is extremely intense and very powerful, you will not be disappointed by a half-hearted attempt.
Honey Jar Love Spell

Honey Jar Love Spell


Love - $160 and up
Passion/Lust - $160 and up
Bewitching/Beauty and Allure - $140 and up
Lavender (gay/lesbian) - $160 and up
Reconciliation - $160 and up
Chuparrosa - $160 and up
9 candle Spells - $380 and up