So, lets talk a little bit about the moon, it's effect on our natal charts and rootwork and spell casting to be performed in harmony with the lunar calendar. Now, not every rookworker works on the moonphases. Sometimes I do, and sometimes I don't, it really depends for me.


Spell Casting According to the Moon: 

Waxing: When the moon is growing spells to increase, attract, bring, benefit is performed. Love spells to attract love to you, love spells to attract some sexual fun or love spells to reconcile with a lost lover or honey jars ect, beauty/glamour spells to increase attractiveness and allure, communication spells to increase discussion, money spells to bring customers, fertility spells, etc. 

Full: The full moon is a particularly auspicious time to perform spell work. Timing a spell to end on a full moon or begin on a full moon -- depending on intention is often done. Very good time to do any spell work, in my opinion.

Waning: When the moon is waning spells to banish, break-up, cleanse, remove is performed. Stop gossip, destroy bad habits, break-up lovers, banish enemies, perform house cleansings, perform personal cleansings. 

New: When the moon is new(when the moon is not visible in the sky) this is a particularly good time to do spells which have to do with new ventures. Spells to attract new, draw luck for a new business, draw luck and protection for an event. I use this time to usually do beneficial spells that are a bit more elusive in nature. 

Fun Facts:
More children are conceived during the waxing moon than at any other time during the lunar cycle.
Dogs bark more during a full moon.
Full moon really heightens the emotional energy of some people. Outbursts, fights, and moodiness may result. However, some people who have a lot of water or Cancer in their astrological chart may actually feel happy and most at ease at this time depending on transits. Full moon has been attributed innumerable scientific studies as a major contributor to erratic human behavior. I know a barber who told me that he never had to look up at the sky, to know if it was a full moon. He said he can tell by the kind of customers that would come into he shop! ha ha! 

Some Tips Try to keep a lunar dream diary for as long as you can. Rank your dreams by intensity or peacefulness. See if there is any correlation to the lunar calendar. This can help you find out how sensitive or insensitive you are to the phases of the moon - I am extremely sensitivity to the moon. During a full moon I always get really intense dreams! And they usually never make any sense.