Do I need a reading before you begin the work?

No, you don't need a reading for us to begin work. Most rootworkers require a reading before work begins to assess the probability of success and to ascertain the situation. I don't require a reading but if you would like to get a reading please pay below.

You can pay for your spell consultation here:

Spell Consultation

How soon will my work be started?

Work will be started 36 hours once payment is received.

How soon can I expect to see results?

How long it takes for spell to manifest is linked to the situation I'm working on, and there is no blanket answer that will suit all cases.Spells can work very fast, from my experience. But keep in mind that I can't guarantee any time frame for results nor should any ethical rootworker guarantee any time frame for results.Because many times the speed with which you see results is sometimes dependent on outside factors that can't be controlled. It also dependent on how long the problem has been going on, how much damage was caused and the amount of change in ths situation the client is looking for. The emotional state of the client, if the client is overly obsessive about the spell work, then it can take longer to manifist.Sometimes the work relies on a client taking certain ritual actions at home, or action in the real world to help the cause. .Can take about 3 weeks to 3 months.

Can I call you? Will you call me if you have a free minute?

No, I do not give unscheduled calls. I have very little time available for calls ,so I prefer that email is the primary method of communication for all my clients to reach me by. All calls cost the same as a reading.

How much does a spell cost?

A 7 day spell ranges from $160-$170. The average spell cost about $160. The price is dependent on the cost of supplies, how long it will take for me to complete the spell and the energy that will be needed to complete the work

What are your business hours?

I cast spells 7 days a week. I am available for client correspondence Monday - Fridays only. I am NOT available on US legal holidays. Please be patient for a response. If you don't receive an email from with in 72 hrs. please resend it. I'm not ingoring you, your email probably went in my spam box.

How did the Spell go? How many Progress Reports are Included?

I require a follow up email to be purchased prior to initiating a sepllcasting service.
At one point I did not limit the amount of follow-up, and I ended up running into alot of problems with people taking advantage of my time, or becoming overly obsessive and over thinking the spelll to death.
So I am happy to provide 1 follow-up exchange to those who have purchased spell service with me also known as a Porgress Report. Progress Reports are $40
A progress report is reading provided during an ongoing work to determine progress made and if or when to take further action. Progress reports must be purchased separately. This is a great reading to let you know how the work is going. If you purchases a setting lights service a candle report is only $15
Should a client feel more comfortable with ongoing support during their working, they can purchase Magical Coaching for more intensive personal attention and guidance.
All Spells and candles take 7-9 days to complete, unless otherise stated.

How long should I give the work to take effect?

In reconcilation cases, the amount of time apart is a good indicator of how long you should give the work a chance to take effect. If you've only been apart a week, it's much easier than if you have been apart for several months.

What are "personal links" and how important are they in spell-work?

Personal links or personal concerns are any object that is tied to or "linked" with the person your working on's energy. Full name, Photo, DOB, Hair, Blood ect.. The stronger the links the more powerful the spell will be. The less "links" you have, meaning if you don't have a photo, full name or DOB of the target. The spell will not be as effective or powerfull. So if you want the spell to be powerful please make sure you have some personal links of target.

Will you be in contact with me throught this whole process?

My focus is always on the work at hand. For those who want a more interactive experience, I recommend purchasing from me either a progress report, or a spell coaching service from me.

Is there a guarantee for the work to succeed?

There are no guarantees in life, for God has the final say. No ethical rootworker will ever promise 100% success.Just like a lawyer, doctor, or other professionals, I am paid for time and expertise, not outcome. I do not offer refunds once the work has commenced.

Do I have to come to you? /Can I come visit you?

No. I do not have an office or a building for people to meet me at. I do all my work at the privacy of my own home at my altar.

How do I pay?

Once we've discused your case and the cost, I will email you a paypal invoice that you can pay with any credit card or debet card.

Is there any way I can hurt the spell?

Here are some behaviors you should avoid while I work with you and cast spells for you:

Lack of faith
Over-thinking the spell
Anxiety etc...
I often tell my clients that successfull spellwork is 50% me, 50% Them- meaning that behavior is just as important as a magical spell is in getting results. These behaviors can greatly effect your spell-work. In fact, it can cause delays in your spellcasting and if it gets too excessive it can even cease your spell from manifesting! This is just how spells work. That is why many times when I sense insecurity or ambivalence I am no longer intersested in working with that potential client. A strong commitment to spell work is necessary and even early behavior like that is not a good sign. Believe in the work. This is one of the most important. We all let out energy and negitive energy can have negitive effects on the spell. You need to WORK with your spell-work and not against it in anyway. If I cast a "job spell" for you, you still have to actively apply for jobs. If I cast a reconciliation spell for you to get your lover back. Don't argue with them, don't harass them because that is conter-productive.

Last Update: 3/2/2018