I live and operate in Los Angeles, CA. I am a very compassionate rootworker. I thrive at preforming love spells and passion spells, prosperity, healing, money, revenge, protection, luck and personal power spells. I also excel in numerology, palmistry, tea leaf readings, and astrology. For tarot readings I use the famous Rider-Waite tarot deck. 

Straight from the heart, I would like to help as many people as I can. I'm a very compassionate rootworker and reader. Before doing any spell work I always recommend we do a reading before hand, too formulate the best strategy. Sometimes if needed, addition to the spells I preform for you I will also send you full instructions plus necessary ingredients/ supply's and necessary prayers. To help aid the spell work that I preform for you. 

Addition to being a rootworker, I'm also a certified reiki healer. I have a gift for healing and spiritual cleansing. I can send distant healing energy toanyone around the world. I will also dress a candle with healing herbs and oils and pray for you on your behalf. 

My specialty is love and passion spells, protection, prosperity, luck, personal power, healing, and money. It is absolutely what I do best. I have had immense success on behalf of my clients! You do not have to go through anything alone, we will get through it together! Once we begin working together I am always available to you as a place of understanding, updating you on the status of your spell/candle/mojo, and to discuss the manifestations of spellwork! 

Love, peace, and infinite blessings to you!